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Currently Available!


 Please keep in mind, these puppies are a work in progress. Their noses will darken, and copper marking will become richer and larger as they get older. Eye color can usually be determined at 3 weeks, but is subject to change up to age 8-10 weeks.
Puppies will be taken off this page as they are sold, to make for a smaller page

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We are happy to give our returning customers a 10% discount when they buy their 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) puppy from us. 
And as a small "thank you", we are happy to give 10% discount to military families!

If you buy 2 puppies at the same time, they can be shipped together.  Two puppies ship for the same price as one!
 (In the US only)

We reserve the right to refuse sale of our puppies to anyone, at any time.   

Have Questions ??   
You might find the answers on our 
Aussie Information Page

Sorry, but we can no longer accept personal checks.
You can make payment by cashier's check, postal money order, credit card, or bank transfer.   If you pick up your puppy in person, only cash will be accepted.  Puppies picked up in person, here in Kentucky, will be subject to 6% KY sales tax

  Don't see what you want?  Most of our puppies are picked by people with advance deposits and are never shown on our website.

Accepting advance deposits of $200 for future litters

The   Advance Deposit List   is where nearly all of our puppies are sold.   For a $200 deposit, you get a specific number in line. When puppies are born, we offer them to each member of the Advance Deposit  List, in order, before offering them to the public.  Each customer gets 3 days to choose their puppy before the puppies become available to the next person on the list.  Once the puppies have been made available to you, you may choose yours at any time (you do not have to pick within 3 days), but be aware that after 3 days, they will be available to others too.

The deposit is
100% refundable, NO questions asked, until you actually choose a puppy.  Once you select a puppy, the deposit goes to reserve that puppy for you, and it becomes nonrefundable. 

Once you have chosen the perfect puppy, the balance of the deposit is needed to secure it as yours until it is time for it to go home. Most deposits are $500 and if you have already joined the Advance Deposit List and paid $200, you will only owe $300 more. If you are not on the Advance List, you will need to send the full $500. If a puppy has gone through the Advance List clients and it made available to the public, first deposit received on a puppy will secure that puppy. No puppies will be held without a deposit. 

If you have any questions, please call (270-314-0446) or email ( wendy@justalittleaussie.com )

We are proud to offer WORLD wide shipping via private Pet Nanny who will hand carry your puppy inside the cabin of the plane.    We MUCH prefer shipping by pet nanny over shipping our precious puppies as cargo! 
Pet Nanny shipping in the US is $350 - $450  
(to Canada $400 - 550  to Europe $1000 - $1400)  

  Next Expected litters:  

Snuggles X Helmie, arrived!  2 puppies (people with deposits making their selections)
Freyja X Buckshot, arrived! 3 puppies
(people with deposits making their selections)
Diva X Rocketman, May

  Next Planned litters:  

Panda X Boone, June
DD X Boone, June

All colors (black, red, blue merle, red merle, and blue eyed tri) are possible


No puppies available at this time!

Have Questions ??   
You might find the answers on our 
Aussie Information Page