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Our up and coming stars!  They are not for sale.


"Rocketman" is a blue merle male with blue eyes.  After our male Helmie visited some females at a friend's house, Rocketman came home with him.   Rocketman has earned 3 champion titles, including International Champion, and also won several Best of Breed!

Justa Little Captain Jack

Jack is a blue eyed black tri male.  He has a very sweet and gentle nature.  We can't wait to see the puppies he will produce with our girls!

CircleKFarms Centerfold

"Bunny" is a red merle female with 1 blue and 1 amber eye.  I've been wanting to get a daughter of Mr Wiggles, and when I saw Bunny, I knew she was the one.  She is a very outgoing, friendly puppy and should mature to 12 - 13" tall.

Justa Little Valley Girl

"Valley" is a tiny, 10" Toy, black tri female.  Valley is a great granddaughter of my first Toy Aussie.   And she carries the same Rimfire bloodlines as our female DD, who is her aunt. 

Champion Justa Little Georgi Girl

 Champion Justa Little Daniel Boone

"Georgi" is a blue merle female with two blue eyes.  She is a half sister to Party Girl and Valley Girl.    And she carries the same Rimfire bloodlines as our female DD, who is her aunt. 
Georgi earned her Champion title at her first 2 shows, she came back from her 3rd show with a female Best of Breed title, and Best in Show Opposite Sex!

"Boone" is a blue merle male with blue eyes.  His parents are Easy Justa Little Kentucky Legend (grandson of Helmie). 
only 10 3/4" tall we have high hopes for his future here producing beautiful little puppies.

  Multi Champion & International Champion
Justa Little Space Cadet

Champion Justa Little Twisted Sister

"Sissy" is tiny 10' red tri.  It has been a while since we have had a redhead around here. I just had to keep this little cutie.  She a daughter of Tokyo and Indy (she is a granddaughter of Quigley and Doodlebug)

Justa Little Black Magic

Champion Justa Little Lucky Charm

"Magic" is a black tri female, full sister to Panda, and Charm, (and to Trouble and Jinx two of our previous girls)  Like the rest of her family she is exceptionally  made, and has a fantastic gentle personality.

"Charm" is a black tri female. litter mate to Magic,full sister to Panda,  (and to Trouble and Jinx two of our previous girls). Tiny 10" size, and partial blue eye  go hand in hand with everything else to make her a very special girl.